Monday, May 26, 2014

21:52 Motivational Monday

Opportunities are often things you haven't noticed the first time around.
-Catherine Deneuve

I have photographed a few weddings now and every time I do I find new opportunity to get pictures from the day.  I have found that little details like this are fun for the bride and groom to have.  I had the opportunity to photograph a wedding for friends last weekend.  This is one of my favorite snapshots from the day.

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Monday, May 19, 2014

20:52 Motivational Monday

I don't know what the big deal is about old age. Old people who shine from the inside look 10 to 20 years younger.
-Dolly Parton

I don't really have any pictures of old people for this week's theme.  We did cover a couple milestones last week though that remind us that we are getting older.  Our 5th kindergarten graduation happened last week!!  Hurray!

Also our third child turned 10!!  {We have a teenager coming up in a couple of weeks....another new phase!}

Oh, but speaking of old...I love this old picture of my Dad! It is from his 60th birthday a couple years ago, so no he isn't really that old, but he definitely has youth shining through!!

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Monday, May 12, 2014

19:52 Motivational Monday

Most of all the other beautiful things in life come by twos and threes, by dozens and hundreds.
Plenty of roses, stars, sunsets, rainbows, brothers and sisters, aunts and cousins, but only one mother in the whole world.
-Kate Douglas Wiggin

Not the best picture, but I forgot to grab my camera yesterday morning and missed some great pictures at our Mother's Day meal after church.  Of course the kids had some lovely gifts for me in the morning and that is the best part!  They were all so excited to give Mom the cards they made.  I love them all as well as my own mother and the mother I gained when I married my husband!  Hope you all had a 
Happy Mother's Day!!

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Monday, May 5, 2014

18:52 Motivational Monday

The glory is not in never failing, but in rising every time you fail.
-Chinese Proverb

This guy has two older brothers to keep up with.  He does a pretty fine job of it!  He has taken many "biffs" already this spring trying stunts set by his brothers.

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