Friday, May 17, 2013

Project 52: Week 20 ~ MOTHER

Another week snuck by on me again, but this week has been seriously unreal.  On Tuesday afternoon as we (my sister-in-laws and I) were at my husband's parents place helping clean and pack for their big moving day, which is today, we noticed a big cloud of smoke puffing up over the hill from their place.  It was the so windy that we grabbed the phone and called 911 immediately knowing that it couldn't be anything good.  Well it turns out it had been reported and it turned into what will go down in history for this area as the "Green Valley Wild Fire".
My husband who is on the fire department fought the fire until wee hours of the morning that first night with wind and fire raging and spreading over 10 miles long and two miles wide.  And just yesterday finished doing some clean up in the area.  Everyone around here is a little exhausted from all the excitement and emotional stress. 
Which brings me to the end of the week with no picture again, but I remembered about this picture I had taken a couple months ago when my sister-in-law after a pregnancy with many complications gave birth to a beautfil tiny little baby girl.  I went with her one day to help her drive the hour and a half stretch to be with her baby for the day. I captured this love a mother has for her babies.
 Head over to Keilah's Blog to see her picture for this weeks theme "mother".
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