Friday, July 12, 2013

Project 52: Week 28 ~ Made With Love

We have this robin that took up citizenship around here!  While we were building our house two years ago we found a nest up in the eaves. Then this year it started building a nest in my Christmas decor that was still hanging above our door in April!  Dave took the decor down then so it had to find a new home.  I don't know where she built her first nest but when her second set of eggs were coming she found a handy little spot right in one of my hanging baskets on the deck.  So we got to watch her meticulously bring her pieces of grass and mud and what ever else she used to form this lovely perfectly round nest.  Now she has been roosting a lot in the basket so I shooed her off and took the basket down to take a little peek!  Made with love:

It will be fun to see these little birdies learn to fly right on our front door step!

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  1. It's better than a pet - you don't have to do anything to care for it but can still enjoy it's presence! :)
    I love the photo, btw!