Monday, January 14, 2013

Winter Rainstorm and a Long Weekend

It started raining Thursday evening here followed by a phonecall from the school stating school would be starting two hours late.  Oh bliss!  I promply went upstairs and turned off all the alarm clocks, then first thing Friday morning as it is still raining, another phonecall came from the school, "School is cancelled today due to road conditions."  Well the boys were the first ones to venture out, finding how fast their sled would ZOOM down the hill in the backyard.  Quite some time later they came in dripping wet wondering if they can put their skates on and go skating in the yard.  Okay, I agreed, as I remember doing the same thing as a kid and it is so fun to skate wherever you want and as far as you can!  So out came dry snow gear and skates.  As the boys are getting ready, the girls decided that it looked like a great time.  Out came some more skates and snow gear.  I ended up tying skates for the entire day as they went in and out, getting wet and drying off.  Friday didn't end the skating adventure. Saturday and Sunday both included a few spins around the yard!


To be a kid!
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