Friday, February 1, 2013

Project 52: Week 5 ~Black and White

It is Friday and time for our weekly display of Project 52.  This week the theme is black and white, which was fun and challenging for me as I tend to stick with color images!

We finally got a nice dumping of snow here in northern Minnesota. Last time we were forcasted to have snow, a few weeks ago, it warmed up and we got rain instead, then snowed a crumby little inch on top of that.  I have been waiting to go cross country skiing, and an inch of snow on top of ice does not make for great skiing conditions.  So on Monday when the snow was coming down I was singing "Let it Snow"! 

Today was the third day in a row that I got out.  The first day wasn't til after supper so it was dark and a little hard to see, even with a head lamp on, with the cloud coverage.  Yesterday it was daylight but the wind had picked up and the temps were a little below zero.  Today finally the sun came out but still breezy and cold! So of course by the time I got out there with my camera and the sun shining the snow was pretty much blown off the trees.  It was still lovely.  We (my daughter and I) skied through the woods out to this field, then did a loop on the field and back home through the woods.  There was a lovely trail for us as my father-in-law had been through the woods on Monday with the skid loader to plow our driveway, but out on the field there was no trail and it was cold and windy so we didn't last long there.  Here is my picture in black and white, for this week's theme, of the field!

Also our mailbox looked pretty cool with the snow piled on top of it!

To continue on in the circle go to Maaret's page to see her black and white images.  She always has fun pictures!
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  1. I like how the trees pop against the empty sky in your first picture! I can feel the peacefulness and would love to ski around it too. :)

  2. beautiful! Hope you're staying warm up there!