Friday, February 1, 2013

School Sheets

Another cold day in northern MN!  The buses were 2 hours late this morning as the thermomter read 28 below when we got up.  We are up to 1 above out there now so things are looking up.  None the less too cold to spend any time outside.  This morning we decided to get back into our "school lessons".  I found a great tool online earlier when school was back in session for another year.  My 5 year old needed some extra stimulation, so I started printing him worksheets from a few times a week, working on learning to print a new letter each week.  It has been a great distraction for him and an excellent learning tool.  There are also coloring pages for the younger folks and math, reading, writing, etc.. for all grades through high school.

Visit for these great free printables for your little ones!
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