Friday, February 8, 2013

Project 52: Week 6 ~ Work of Art

When you are a mother of seven going on eight children you have many different styles and levels of "works of art" going on in your own home.  It is great to encourage imagination so I try my best to do that, even tho I tend to be a bit of a neat freak.  {Although you wouldn't want to see my sewing room on a daily basis! I like to leave fabrics laying about on the bed and such so that I can walk in and out and go "hmmmmm...!" and switch them around and around until I go "uh-huh!"}  Which, maybe, is what my kids are doing when they leave their toys laying about?!?  Anyway here is one level of art that goes on around here:


I am trying to get back into the weekly mode of visiting ECFE with my kids because there they can perform all kinds of works of art.  The best part about it is, I don't have to set it up and clean it up when they are done.  I just assist them in the process of creating.  This is one of our projects that we made this week.  Appropriate for the season:


Now my three oldest have been begging me to sew, so a couple weeks ago I gave them the task of organizing my fabric and restacking it in exchange for my fabric scraps.  They are working on sewing blocks together in color coordinating pieces to make a quilt for their bedroom. I will give you an update on this as they progress.  They were really gung-ho for a week and last week, not so much.  But they are back at it now and it is kind of exciting watching them work on such a project.

Now head on over to Maaret's page and see her Work of Art for this week!
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